Salty & sweet is a classic combination for a reason. Our blend intensifies that perfect pairing with the complexity of mineral-rich maple syrup & Himalayan pink salt. 

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Ingredients: Avocado puree (0rganic avocado,water), organic pure maple syrup, organic pink himalayan salt, tara gum, citrus fiber

Himalayan Pink Salt

Containing over 80 minerals & trace elements, Himalayan pink salt helps the body maintain a healthy pH balance and keep blood sugar levels in check.


Full of omega-3s & antioxidants, avocado is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s high levels of vitamin E, potassium, & B vitamins aid in detoxifying, reducing inflammation, decreasing blood vessels tension, & vitamin absorption.


High quality plant-based protein aids in muscle recovery, cell maintenance, & balanced macronutrient intake.


Unrefined pure maple syrup - the only kind we use -  is loaded with zinc and manganese, which boost immune system function by fostering cell growth and maintaining healthy levels of white blood cells. Plus, it’s low levels of fructose (35%, compared to agave at 89%), reduces risk of blood sugar swings & type II diabetes.